Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Paralyzed Chicago Cop Being Evicted After City Falls $20K Behind On Rent « CBS Chicago

Paralyzed Chicago Cop Being Evicted After City Falls $20K Behind On Rent « CBS Chicago



  • Recieved this email from another officer and saw this nonsense on facebook 

  • I am the proud mother of P.O. Densey J.Cole II who was responding to a call in the 022 Dist. on May27,2009 which resulted in him becoming a quadrapalegic. He owned his own home in Bevelry. In the 1st three years after his accident and living in an apartment, the city was having contractors look over his home in order to make it a home to accomadate his needs. During all that time he was making the monthly payment on the home. The city then tells him they won't put the money into the home, that he needs to sell it. As we all know the year that P.O.Cole bought his home the market was at an all time high. When it came time to sell it, the home got sold for exactly what was owned and real estate fee to the agent and broker. He also then had to put all of his furniture into storage where it still remains for nearly 3 years at the rate of $200.00 per month.

    Never was the home being forclosed on nor was it a short sale. For as long as I live I will never forget Chairman Edward Burke coming to Christ Hospital the day of the accident. After discussing Densey's condition he told me that he built Jim Mullen's house and would do the same for Densey so I should not worry. The city takes care of their own. Well heres the bomb shell. My son is being evicted July 8th,2015 Wed because the city has not paid the utilities and the apt. complex has been fighting with them for the past 2 years. The city was signing 6 month leases, but apparently not reading them. Densey since this past May 20, 2015 has had 2 surgeries and now has 8 days to pack, find a place to live. I retired from this job with 22 years, his Dad retired with 29 years. My son went to work just like you guys and gals do, God forbid if it happens to you. I have contacted the FOP,

    The Committee of Finance, The Police Memorial Foundation, Alderman Burke to no avail.I am begging each and every one of you for help for my son. He unfortunately will not be the only officer that this will happen to because of the type of job we did/do. He nor his family are not asking for anything more than what anyone should get in this situation and that is a right to live his life with dignity. The clock is ticking. I am asking you all to step forward and do the right thing and be a strong voice for my son and any future officers who may need this help. This is a disgrace that we cannot allow to happen, a 44 quadrapalegic CPD officer who had 17 years on the job. He woke up, got dressed, went to roll call, took a job and has never know a day of peace yet. My e-mail is Respond to this call, blessings to all of you. Louise

Monday, June 22, 2015

Kimy Stitch Handmade BlackHawks Purses

I realize this is not police related, but had to share these Blackhawk purses made by Kimy Agate. Great gifts!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

God Bless Sgt William A. Burns

A Chicago police officer with a very generous spirit was honored Thursday in River North.

The Chicago Police Bagpipers joining in the dedication of the William A. Burns Legacy Giving Wall at the Ronald McDonald House. The wall is named in honor of Sgt. William Burns, who left more than $1 million to the charity.

"Although Sgt. Burns didn't have a wife or child, through his generous support of Ronald McDonald Charities he's a true family man and for that I'm sure he's proud," said Sgt. Jim Ade, president of the Chicago Police Sergeants' Association.

The Burns Legacy Giving Society provides funds for families who need a place to stay while their children are treated in nearby Lurie Children's Hospital.